Terms and Conditions

A) Our Mission

At Adent, our mission is to put accessible dental care in the hands of every person on earth.

Please read these terms carefully so that you understand them. These terms cover all the services we provide to you through our healthcare app or other platforms ("App") and Website. When you use the App, you may access our personal dental informational, tracking and monitoring services ("Personal Service") or book a visit with a dentist or other healthcare professional (either one of our partner dentists, an unaffiliated dentist or other healthcare professional) through our services ("Dentist Partner Service"), which are both referred to together as the "Services".

Any reference to "Adent", "our", "us" and "Company" are references to Adent ApS, a limited company registered in Denmark (CVR. 40512977), the registered office being

Hesseløgade 44, 4 th., 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

These terms also cover the related website as set out below ("Website"):

  • adent-health.com

These terms include details on our complaints procedure and what is required from you to provide the Services. You will be asked to accept these terms as part of your account registration. We may update the terms from time to time, and if your rights change we will always notify you of this. If you do not agree to, or cannot comply with these terms as amended, you should not use the App or Website. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms as amended if you continue to use the App or Website after any amendments are made.

Our Privacy Policy sets out how your personal information will be used by us, which can be accessed as part of the account registration process, via the App, and on our Website.

The way we work is simple: we're here to serve you and strive to ensure you have the best possible experience. We hold ourselves to the highest legal and ethical standards and we value hearing from you so if you have any questions or ideas, or if you need to provide notice to us, don't hesitate to get in touch in the following ways:

  • if you would like to speak about the Personal Service, please call 0045 61415111 or email info@adent.dk; and

When you use our Services, we serve you from Denmark or another country to the extent that it is, by Adent, seen as beneficial in providing you the best possible Services.

We would like to remind you that:


  • We provide information services via our digital healthcare tools, such as our Dental Assessment service and Dental Plans service. The output from these does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. You should always talk to a qualified medical professional about any questions you may have about a medical condition. If you think you have a medical emergency, you should call your doctor or the emergency services immediately. Any decisions you make affecting your health should always be made in consultation with a doctor, and not on the basis of our digital healthcare tools.

  • Presentation of possible matches: our Dental Assessment service may present a list of conditions to a user. These are listed in the order of how closely the conditions match the symptoms entered and images uploaded, based on symptom prevalence for conditions which are taken from publicly available medical resources. The order in which conditions are listed does not in any way indicate the likelihood of the user having or not have a condition.

  • Some conditions are not suitable for remote advice and we recommend that you check our FAQs prior to use of the services which may help you in assessing their suitability in relation to your symptoms (see sections C and L).

  • We need certain information from you in order to provide services (see section D)

  • We don’t take responsibility for laws outside Denmark and governing access to our services. Some of our services are specifically designed for use in Denmark and if you use them elsewhere you should check in your country or region that it is appropriate and lawful for you to do so (see sections F and I).

  • The App is not suitable for managing dental emergencies or any other medical emergencies (see section C3).

  • The App is not suitable for unrestricted use by persons under 16 (see section G).

These terms include descriptions of each section, in bold text. These descriptions are to help you understand the terms but they are not part of the terms.

B) About us

We provide dental care information services through our digital healthcare tools. Our Services include digital dental assessment software services and other information services. We do not provide clinical services that in any way constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.


C) Our services

What our services cover, and what you need to check yourself when you use our services. The goal of our Services is to help you to monitor, track and understand your dental health over time. We aim to create a higher awareness of your dental health by sending you information and reminders to assist you in a deeper understanding of dental health.



  1. We provide our services using our App and Website, and communication methods such as email. Our services include:

    1. the ability to enter questions and responses on symptoms and other dental health-related identifiers into our artificial intelligence Dental Assessment service to receive dental health and anamnesis information;

    2. the ability to additionally take and upload one or more intraoral clinical images into our artificial intelligence Dental Assessment service to receive dental health and anamnesis information. 

    3. in some cases, the above-specified input will be assessed, commented, and/or validated by a human expert, though it cannot and should not be expected unless explicitly specified through the use of our App and the Website. By using our Services you mandate us to decide when to present the input to a human expert unless explicitly specified otherwise through the use of our App and the Website. Examples, where the input might be presented to a human expert, include but are not restricted to filtering inappropriate content in by the user-uploaded images; providing supplementary comments in an assessment to provide the best possible service; randomly selected samples for quality assurance; and for analysing the input to improve the Services we can provide to you and others using our Services;

    4. the ability to ask questions of our personnel via telephone or sending an email to support@adent.dk regarding technical concerns about our App and the Website;

    5. access to dental care records we hold, with your consent; and

    6. access to other digital healthcare tools that provide dental health, related health, and lifestyle information.2. Some dental health and/or medical conditions are not suitable for remote dental care service via our Services, and you should always seek advice from a medical practitioner in person if you are unsure about whether you have been able to explain or communicate your medical needs through our Services, or if you have any concerns about the advice you receive from us or if it is different from other advice you have received. All services are currently only provided in English.

  2. You should not use our services in an emergency, or if you have a condition that you know will require a physical examination.

  3. All our services, such as our Dental Assessment service, provide dental healthcare information and not medical advice, diagnosis and/or treatment. They provide information to you based on information entered. They do not diagnose your own health condition or make treatment recommendations for you. Our information services are not a substitute for a dentist or other healthcare professional. You should not take or stop taking any action (such as taking medicines) based on information from our information services. We make no warranties in relation to the output of our information services.

  4. Our Dental Assessment service will provide different types of information to you based on, amongst other things, the symptoms entered and the images uploaded. One possible output of the Dental Assessment service is a list of next steps someone experiencing the symptoms entered would usually take. The other possible output is general dental care information on the types of conditions that people who have experienced similar symptoms have had, which may include less detailed typical next steps. The possible output is responsive to information entered, but are not personalised to you.

  5. The Services are provided solely to you. No interactions within the Services create a dentist-patient or doctor-patient relationship as defined under European laws. The Services are designed to support the health decisions and choices that you make for yourself. In the context of dental health and wellness, your decisions should always be made in conjunction with your attending physician or health care provider.

  6. If you use the Private Service or information services, we strongly encourage you to discuss any information you receive from us with your dentist or usual medical practitioner.

  7. We provide our Services using reasonable skill and care from appropriately qualified, and experienced staff. If you think that our services have not met this standard, please contact us as soon as possible. We will fix or re-perform, without charge, any services we agree do not meet this standard.


Dental Assessments: Dental Health Check and Dental Symptom Check

  1. Dental Assessments, including both Dental Health Check (overall exploration of dental health) and Dental Symptom Check (exploration typically motivated by a specific symptom or set of symptoms), are an information and educational tool to help you understand risk rates for certain conditions based on the information entered. It may provide information on factors which are known generally to help achieve a healthy dental and/or oral health. 

  2. By completing and submitting the Dental Health Check questionnaire and/or the Dental Symptom Check questionnaire, our software provides a report based on general statistical information of certain signs of health, dental disorders and conditions, and other related medical findings (“Assessment Report”). Neither the Assessment Report nor other outputs from Dental Health Check and the Dental Symptom Check, constitute medical advice, diagnosis or acts as a substitute for a dentist or other health professional.

  3. Reports are produced on the basis of information you enter only and are based on general statistical information and risk factors only. Reports are responsive to information entered but are not personalised to you. We will not be able to provide information on risk factors which are not entered. 

  4. Any decisions you make affecting your dental health should always be made in consultation with a dentist or other health professional, and decisions should not be made on the basis of our Dental Health Check and/or the Dental Symptom Check service.

  5. Dental Health Check and/or Dental Symptom Check should not be used in an emergency. In the case of an emergency, you should contact the emergency services and/or your dentist or other health professionals in the usual way.

  6. You may learn about statistical risks of disease which may cause distress. You should not use the Dental Assessments feature if you do not wish to learn such information.

Dental Plan Catalogue

  1. Dental Plan Catalogue is a catalogue of informational and educational dental plans that help you set milestones, track and log your own personal commitments to maintaining your dental health. The informational content may provide information on factors which are known generally to help achieve a healthy dental and/or oral health. 

  2. By completing and submitting the Dental Plan Builder questionnaire, our software presents a list of none or more dental plans that might be relevant to your query (“Dental Plan Search List”). Neither the Dental Plan Search List, individual dental plans of the Dental Plan Search List, nor other content in the Dental Plan Catalogue, constitute medical advice, diagnosis or acts as a substitute for a dentist or other health professional.

  3. Dental Plan Search Lists are produced on the basis of information you enter only and are based on the similarity of search terms and general statistical information on dental health only. Dental Plan Search Lists are responsive to information entered but are not personalised to you.

  4. A Dental Plan Search List can be included in the output Assessment Report of a Dental Health Check and/or Dental Symptom Check. The inclusion of a Dental Plan Search List is included because the items of the included Dental Plan Search List might contain content of interest to you based on the information you entered. The inclusion of a Dental Plan Search List in an Assessment Report does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or acts as a substitute for a dentist or other health professional.

  5. Any decisions you make affecting your dental health should always be made in consultation with a dentist or other healthcare professional, and decisions should not be made on the basis of our Dental Plan Catalogue or any presented Dental Plan Search Lists.

  6. Dental Plan Catalogue should not be used in an emergency. In the case of an emergency, you should contact the emergency services and/or your dentist or other healthcare professionals in the usual way.

  7. You may learn about statistical risks of disease which may cause distress. You should not use the Dental Plan Catalogue feature if you do not wish to learn such information.

D) What we need from you in order to provide services

We can't provide our services without certain information and other things from you

  1. We can only provide the services in accordance with these terms if you provide us with the information we need in order to help you. You must be careful:

    1. any information you give to us or enter into the App is accurate and in English;

    2. any image you provide to us, or upload into the App is appropriate, high resolution, correctly focused, and from the in the App specified point of view, and in any other way lives up to the expected quality expected of the App;

    3. if you have any concerns about the information we provide you or any information in the App or Website, you seek further dental health advice;

    4. you report to us, as soon as possible, any adverse or unexpected effects of actions listed or in any other way provided in the information we present;

    5. you tell us if any of our information about you is or becomes inaccurate or incomplete; and

    6. you use our services only for yourself unless you are helping a child further to section G.

  2. We rely on an accurate record of your use of services in order to do this. Please do not, therefore, register more than once for our services.

When not to use a dental assessment 

We recommend you to carefully read the Instructions for Use before you use any of the provided Dental Assessment tools, including Dental Health Check and Dental Symptom Check.

Do not use the app to take a photo if:

  1. You have noticed a dental health condition that show no visible signs, but only exhibit experienced signs such as pain, ache, irritation, icing, or similar;

  2. You have not managed to capture an image to upload where the area of your focus is clearly visible;

  3. You have not managed to capture an image to upload where the area of your focus is sharp and/or in optical focus;

  4. The area of your focus is occluded (including partially visible, cut off, cropped) and not fully visible;

  5. The area of your focus is distorted (including that the image is shaken; there has applied an optical filter on the image; the image has been taken with a fisheye lens effect; the image has been preprocessed by a stitching algorithm such as is done for images taken in panorama mode)

  6. You have had a meal within the last 30 minutes, and may have food remainders between your teeth

  7. You have been exposed to food or substances that discolour your teeth, gums and/or oral mucosa (including beetroot; plaque disclosing tablets; colour-intensive soft drinks; and substances with comparable discolouring effects)

  8. When the area of focus includes an alteration that presumes knowledge of your prior appearance (an example would include what might be a slightly swollen jaw with no additional changes in colour or other abnormal signs than slight noticed swelling since this would need knowledge of your usual appearance to assess)

An intraoral or extraoral image should be photographed directly. It should for example not be taken through a lens, in the reflection of a mirror, or using other appliances.

The above are examples of known contraindications (“Contraindications”) that constitute use cases where the Dental Assessment is not intended or developed to be used for. When the Dental Assessment is subject to any of the aforementioned Contraindications, the Dental Assessment may be influenced in an unpredictable way. In case you have doubts about a dental health condition or when you notice something about your dental health changes, is irritated, bleeds, hurts, or in other way show signs of other than usual, always consult with your dentist.

E) Technical requirement for using the app

The App includes software provided by people other than the Company and uses certain data that you provide to it in order to work

  1. The App operates only on iPhone version 4S or higher running iOS 12 or higher. Some features or user interface elements might only be available on the latest iPhone version and/or the latest iOS (examples include where the App utilizes specific hardware features of the camera on specific iPhone versions, or where the App uses software features such as Swift UI that is only available from iOS 13 or higher). It requires a consistent 4G or faster data connection and does not operate reliably on 3G, GPRS or EDGE connections.

  2. We recommend that if you are using a wireless network to access the App, you avoid the use of public wi-fi facilities in favour of a personal wi-fi connection and that the wireless network is secured with WPA-2 security. We recommend that the device from which you access the App is password-protected, set to lock after a short period of inactivity, and protected with suitable anti-virus and anti-malware software.

  3. From time to time, updates to the App may be made available to you. We recommend that you use the latest version of the App at all times, to take advantage of the latest enhancements. Depending on the update, you may not be able to use the Services until you have downloaded the latest version of the App and accepted any new terms.

F) Regulations of our services

Accessing our services outside Denmark

  1. Our services are available to adults, and to children in accordance with section G.

  2. If you are accessing our services from outside Denmark, you should check whether it is lawful to access our services in the territory where you are. We provide our services in compliance with Danish law and regulation, and cannot take responsibility for any differences between those rules and any different rules applying to dental healthcare services anywhere else.


G) Children and our services 

Adults can use our services on behalf of children, but children shouldn't use our services themselves


  1. Children under 16 may have an account opened for them by a parent or legal guardian, and if the parent or legal guardian supervises the child's use of our services at all times.

  2. Young people between 16 and 18 may use our services and open their own account with us, but for our Personal Service only if entitled to by a Sponsored membership (such as if referred by one of our dentist partners) or if an adult has agreed to use of their credit or debit card for the payment of Charges.

  3. We may suspend services or terminate user accounts if we reasonably suspect that they are being used in breach of the restrictions in this Section G.

K) Monitoring services and dental plans

What our Monitoring service and Dental Plans do, what you can rely on it to provide, and when you shouldn't use it

  1. The App is able to display data resulting from dental health investigation, other clinical data and other fitness and wellness related data regarding you for monitoring ("Monitoring"). 

  2. Monitoring services and Dental Plans are not a medical device nor should they be used for diagnosis or treatment of any condition. It is intended as an information aid only.

  3. Data may, with your consent, be input into the App for Monitoring:

    1. manually by you;

    2. through third party devices or data streams which connect with the App; and

    3. via data received from or inputted via other parts of the App, for example as a result of undertaking a third party test, booking of a dentist or a consultation.

  4. Monitoring enables the display of data only, is limited to the receipt of data from the above sources, does not provide diagnostic or other advice or recommendations, and does not provide a complete or up to date record of your dental health at any given time.

  5. It is your responsibility to update the data stored for Monitoring and to ensure that it is current and up to date. We do not update or monitor the data in your account nor accept responsibility for ensuring that all activity through the App is logged for Monitoring.

  6. Monitoring may make use of data feeds from third-party providers which you provide access to. You acknowledge and agree that available data feeds may vary from time to time, that we make no guarantee that any particular data feed will be available or available at a particular time, and that data feeds may require your authorisation in order to be accessible to you via the App.

  7. Monitoring may display certain information relating to you derived from data stored for you (for example, your average monthly usage of floss if you have provided your average weekly usage of floss) and recognised guidelines. You should note however that any such display or information provided is based on generic data and assumptions, and is not designed to be and may not be used for personalised advice. It should, therefore, be treated as a general guide and is not a substitute for personal medical advice or diagnosis. It will, in addition, be based on a number of assumptions that may or may not be accurate or applicable to you. No responsibility is taken for any action or omission that you may take based on in connection with or in reliance upon any information shown in Monitoring.

Dental Health Follow Up Policy

We will reach out if we believe our research can benefit your dental health 


  1. At Adent we are constantly improving our services by performing research activities. As part of the research activities, we may perform checks on the images you have uploaded to verify the accuracy of the Dental Health Check and Dental Symptom Check. In case we are of the opinion that it will benefit your dental health if we share the outcome of those checks, we may contact you outside of our regular automated communication. We will inform you about these findings, by sending you a message to the email address that you have provided to us as your username. In case we are not able to get in touch with you via your email address, we may try to get in contact with you via the phone number you provided to us.

L) Other limits on our services

Other limitations and restrictions on the use of services

  1. If you choose to submit details about your symptoms in the App, the information returned is on the basis of general dental health and related healthcare information and not as personalised health advice for you. Where the information returned indicates that the symptoms entered suggest further medical advice is necessary, you acknowledge that you are responsible for seeking such advice from a dentist or other health professional.

  2. We do not tolerate abuse or offensive behaviour towards support personnel or any other personnel, or any of our Partners for example dentists, third party suppliers and similar.

  3. Our services are designed to be accessed remotely by any of our customers and are not designed for non-English speakers.

  4. We may need to ask you for certain personal information in order to provide our services. If you do not provide this information when requested, we may be unable to provide our services.

  5. The App has not been developed to meet your individual requirements. It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that the facilities and functions of the App meet your requirements.

  6. While certain information controlled, generated by, displayed within or stored in the App may be helpful in providing warning of certain medical or health conditions or circumstances, the App is not designed as, nor may you use it as a device to detect, diagnose, treat or monitor any dental, medical or health condition or to establish the existence or absence of any dental, medical or health condition.

  7. We may suspend your access to services or terminate your account with us if your use of services breaches any of these terms.

M) Accessing our services

How to access our services, and limitations and other terms concerning access

  1. Our services are accessed remotely using the internet, data networks and devices which can access the internet ("Infrastructure") and operate the App and our Website. We make the App and our Website available for access using Infrastructure but are not responsible for Infrastructure ourselves. If you wish to use the services, you should ensure you have an internet-enabled device and a sufficient internet connection available.

  2. Technical or security threats or issues affecting the Infrastructure may require us to suspend our services in order to ensure they are secure and/or operating optimally. We will minimise these suspensions but are not responsible to refund charges or compensate you if they occur, unless they exceed 30 days in aggregate in any 12 month period, in which event you may cancel your agreement with us.

  3. When you use the App or send e-mails to us, you are communicating with us electronically. We will communicate with you by e-mail or by posting notices, alerts, prompts, information fields or other information through the App as is necessary to deliver the services to you.

  4. We operate anti-virus and malicious software prevention measures on the Website and our App, but we cannot guarantee that our services will always be virus-free. You should ensure that your devices used to access services are protected against viruses and malicious software. You must not use or expose the App or Website to virus or malicious software contamination.

  5. You must not attempt to gain unauthorised access to the services, App or Website. Installation of the App on a device that has had its operating system compromised by the process of Jailbreaking (Apple iOS) or Rooting (Android) is not permitted and may result in the security of your personal data being compromised.

N) Changes to these terms

What happens if we change these terms

We may need to change these terms sometimes, for example, when the rules regulating our services change, in order to ensure that our services are secure and your information is safe, or when we update or modify our services or our Charges. If we make a change to these terms that affects your rights or obligations, we will notify you.

O) How we may use your personal information

How we use your information

We use your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Please take the time to read it as it includes important details about how we secure and process your data.

P) Consultation recordings

We record support consultations and this explains why

  1. We record the support consultations you have with us (including in our App and customer support service) with us. Details of how we protect and use such recordings are set out in our Privacy Policy.

  2. You may request your support consultation recordings from us via e-mail, for so long as we retain a copy of the same on our secure servers, for your own private purposes (and if you deem relevant, you may show them to any dentist or other medical practitioners who is supporting your dental care).

  3. Support consultation recordings should not be published on social media or any other media sharing platforms.

Q) Limitations on service provision

Sometimes, you will not be able to receive services - this section explains why

  1. We may not be able to provide our services if they are affected by events outside our control. We are not responsible to you if this happens, but if it does, we will notify you as soon as we can and take the steps that we reasonably can to minimise the interruption to our services.

  2. If there is the risk of a delay of more than 2 weeks to service performance, you may cancel your agreement with us (and we may do the same).

R) Price and payment

How we calculate the price you pay us for our services and how you pay us

  1. For our Private Service:

    1. the price of our services will be set out in the App or on the website at the time of our commitment to provide services. Our prices may change at any time, but price changes will not affect any services that you have already ordered.

    2. you are responsible for paying the price for our services ("Charges"). Charges exclude VAT, where applicable unless otherwise stated.

    3. we will usually charge or invoice you for services at the time you order them. Any amounts charged or invoiced are due and payable upon our invoice being issued unless otherwise specified in these terms or the App.

    4. you can pay for services using a credit or debit card.

    5. subscriptions available within the App are monthly, semi-annual or annual subscriptions ("Subscriptions"), payable up-front in advance. For your convenience, the per-month price may be displayed.

    6. subscriptions will automatically renew and we will take payment at the end of each monthly, semi-annual or annual subscription period (as applicable), unless you cancel the subscription prior to the end of the relevant subscription period. We may suspend our provision of services if you do not pay any of our Charges on time.

S) Our liability to you

Because these terms are part of a binding legal agreement, we must compensate you for the loss you suffer if our service doesn't comply with these terms. However, we don't compensate you for all losses. This section is important as it explains those things.

  1. If we break any of these terms and you suffer loss or damage, we are responsible for compensating you for that loss or damage if it was a foreseeable result of our breaking of these terms.

  2. We are not responsible for compensating you for loss or damage that is not a foreseeable result of breaking these terms. Nor will we be liable for indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages.

  3. Our software and services are provided on an 'as is' basis without a warranty of any kind being provided by us.

  4. We are responsible for compensating you for personal injury or death caused by our negligence or that of our employees, and for defective products where we are legally responsible for their supply. Subject to doing this, and subject to applicable law, we will not be liable to you for an amount greater than the fees paid to us by you.

  5. If we provide digital content that is defective and damages a device or other digital content belonging to you, and we have not used our reasonable skill and care, we will compensate you or repair the device or content (at our election).

  6. We will not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from defective digital content where you have failed to follow our usage instructions or advice in these terms.

  7. We supply the services for private personal use and we are not responsible for any losses you suffer arising out of the use of the services which are business losses.

  8. We design our services, the App and Website to keep your personal health data secure and it is important that you follow the usage instructions and advice in these terms in order to keep your data safe. We are not liable for loss or unauthorised access to your data where it results from you not following these instructions and advice.

T) Our brand and creative material

The basis on which you use our App, Website and services

  1. We own copyright and other intellectual property rights in the App, Website, our services and their content ("Adent IPR").

  2. You are permitted to use Adent IPR in order to receive our services, store it on your device and print copies of it for your personal use. You may communicate material containing Adent IPR to your dentist or another medical practitioner. You are not permitted to copy, distribute or make any business use of Adent IPR. You must not remove or obscure any notices regarding Adent IPR.

  3. The  Adent mark, logo, combined mark and logo and other marks indicated in our App are our trademarks of the Company or its affiliates in Denmark and other countries. Other graphics, logos, page headers, button icons, scripts, and service names are trademarks of other businesses or our affiliates or Partners.

U) License and app use

You are allowed to use the App but not copy it or distribute it

  1. We grant you a limited licence to access and make personal use of the App and not to modify it, or any portion of it, except with our express wrote consent of the Company. This licence does not include any resale or commercial use of the App or its contents; any derivative use of the App or its contents; or any use of data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools.

  2. The App or any portion of the App may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without our express written consent. Any unauthorised use terminates the permission or licence granted by the Company.

  3. You may not use any logo or other proprietary graphic or trademark of ours, our Partners or affiliates without our express written permission.

  4. The App or any Service may contain links to other independent third-party websites ("Third Party Sites"). Third-Party Sites are not under our control, and we are not responsible for and do not endorse their content. You will need to make your own independent judgement regarding your interaction with any Third Party Sites, including the purchase and use of any products or services accessible through them.

  5. If any open-source software is included in the App, the terms of an open-source licence may override some of the terms set out in this section.

V) Cancellation

  1. For our Private Service, generally, there is no minimum subscription period and you can cancel your subscription with us at any time without additional charge. In such a case, your cancellation will take effect at the end of the four-week period you have paid for and no further payment will be taken. There are different rules that apply within the first three months of subscribing and these are set out in paragraphs 3 and 4 below.

  2. You may cancel your agreement with us and your Subscription within 14 days of the day on which your Subscription begins ("Cancellation Period"). We will refund your Subscription fee to you within 14 days from the day on which we receive your cancellation notice provided that, if you use the App to receive any separately paid Services, for example, services provided by third-party suppliers, within the Cancellation Period and you subsequently choose to cancel the Subscription services within the Cancellation Period, we may reduce the amount of any refund (or take payment from you) to recover the cost of any of these provided Services. These will be priced according to the pay as you go rates published on our website rather than the Subscription fee pro-rata to the period of your Subscription Period, to reflect reasonable use. We may also charge you for any products you have purchased from us within the Cancellation Period.

  3. You may end your agreement with us:

    1. if the services are unavailable for reasons outside our control as set out in section Q or for technical reasons as set out in sections E and M;

    2. you do not like a change we propose to make to these terms under section N; or

    3. if we have failed to fix or re-perform services not provided to the standards set out in section C.

  4. If you end your agreement with us under the circumstances laid out in this section and you have a Subscription, we will refund the proportion of the Charges you have already paid reflecting the remaining complete months of the Subscription period at the time of your notice.

  5. If you want to cancel your agreement under this section, you must give us notice by calling us on 0045 61415111 or email us at info@adent.dk

We may end our agreement with you, subject to applicable regulations:

  1. if the services are unavailable for reasons outside our control as set out in section Q;

  2. if you do not comply with the conditions on use of services set out in sections G and L;

  3. if you break any other term of this agreement and do not make good that break within 7 days of when we ask you; or

  4. for the Personal Service, if you do not pay us any Charges on time.

W) Complaints and disputes

What happens if you have a complaint about our services or disagree with us about anything to do with these terms

  1. You can always give us feedback on our services by calling or emailing us via the details provided in the 'About' section above.

  2. If you have a complaint about our services, we would like to resolve it as soon as possible. Please tell us about your complaint as soon as you can so that we can do this.

  3. If you wish to make a formal complaint about our services, you should do so as soon as possible by calling or emailing us via the details provided in the 'About' section above. We may ask you for certain details about you and your complaint in order to address it. Please provide these as soon as you can so that we can resolve your complaint quickly.

  4. We will tell you the outcome of our investigation into your complaint and give you the chance to discuss it with us. If we have done something wrong, we will apologise to you.

  5. If any disagreement between you and us arises in connection with these terms, we will attempt to resolve it by discussing it with you.

  6. If we have not resolved a disagreement about these terms, or a complaint about our services, either of us can refer the dispute to mediation in accordance with the Danish Institute of Arbitration's independent mediation scheme for patients (see https://voldgiftsinstituttet.dk/en/).

  7. You may also submit a disagreement with us for online resolution to the European Online Dispute Resolution platform at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr (or search "odr Europe").

  8. These terms are governed by Danish law and the Danish courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any claim arising out of or in connection with these terms or the use of our products and services.

X) Other important terms

Other provisions explaining how we may exercise our rights under these terms

  1. If there is any proposed transfer of our rights and obligations under these terms, we will always notify you in writing and this will not affect your rights under these terms.

  2. As our services are personalised, you may only transfer your rights or your obligations under these terms to another person if we agree.

  3. The agreement for our services is between you and us, and no-one else. Only you can enforce that agreement (although a parent or guardian may enforce their agreement on behalf of a person under 18 whose use of our services is allowed under section G).