Adent Health on Android

Scan your teeth and get personalised recommendations on your dental care

Your mouth is one of a kind, and we use data from a million mouths to give you custom recommendations

And it’s free


Dental care in your pocket

Detecting dental issues before they happen will save you thousands. With data from more than a million mouths our AI detects findings with an accuracy of 95% compared to a dental professional.

Dental home scans powered by AI

Adent is the category creator of AI dental home scans. The app uses artificial intelligence to scan photos of your mouth and can help you check yourself for dental conditions such as gingivitis or tooth decay.

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Certified device, made by dentists

The AI is CE-marked and a registered medical device. The app is made together with dentists and we connect you with a dental clinic when you need it.

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You are always in control

of your data

We keep your data safe and secure. You can save or delete your data at any time.🔒