Adent Health on Android

Scan your teeth and track your dental health with the Adent app.

That's where we step in.


Dental care in your pocket

Show your mouth some love and track your dental health with Adent. The Adent app can help you and your family to create dental wellness routines, analyze symptoms, receive personal dental assessments and keep in touch with your dentist.

Get your AI dental assessment

Adent is the category creator of AI dental home scans. We use artificial intelligence to scan photos of your teeth/mouth and can help you check yourself for dental conditions such as gingivitis or tooth decay.

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Connect with your dentist

Our app enables you to connect to your dentist and get remote digital consultations securely at the time and place that suits you. The feature supports consultations based on photos or video where you can follow up on conditions and after treatments.

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You are always in control

of your data

We keep your data safe and secure. You can save or delete your data at any time.🔒