How it works.
Nice and easy.

1. Scan and get customised dental care.

Great dental care is a must. Adent Health is here to guide you to a healthy and happy mouth by supporting you with the best possible dental care for your unique needs.


Take 5 images of your mouth and teeth, tell us a bit about yourself and the treatment you're looking for. We don't believe in one size-fits-all oral care products.

Our kits are based on your personal dental scan, which selects exactly the products and ingredients that are essential for you and your mouth. Start by choosing not only the best ingredients, but the ones that are right for you.


2. Healthy, happy teeth delivered.

We’re proud to call ourselves picky because we want what’s best for your specific needs. We have screened thousands of dental care products, studied their ingredients and selected the very best.

We have combined this unique knowledge with data from over 60,000 people and spent 40,000 dentist hours in developing our scans. So we actually know what works for whom. Including you.

3. Let the kit improve with you.

Follow the routine and track your dental health results.

The more feedback we get from you and our community, the better we become at adapting our product selections - not just for the good of your mouth, but everyone else's too. That way we all pay it forward.

Dental health is dynamic and one type of dental care rarely stays effective in the long run. We have enough products available that fit your ever-changing needs and progress.


Get started with your first scan.