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We are Adent Health.

The creators of the AI dental scan for personalized dental care. Built by Danish dentists.

Dental care is individual.

Adent Health is customized dental care based on each individual mouth, scientifically proven ingredients, and shared knowledge within a community united by similar issues. We offer the world's first CE-marked home dental scan app based on a smartphone only. 


Made by Dentists.
Backed by Science.

If you ever find yourself confused with navigating through the jungle of dental care products, we totally get you but we've got you covered.

Our dental scan uses AI or artificial intelligence which means that computers assess information, draw logical conclusions and select relevant details the way a real person would. Because we use AI, our machines can process a limitless amount of information. Our scan is based on analyzing:


- Data from a million mouths.

- More than 40,000 dentist hours.

- The effectiveness of over 30,000 dental care products and their ingredients.

- Experiences and feedback from more than 70,000 users.


Based on our database the scan sifts through the information to select the best ingredients for your mouth and help you keep track of the effect.

Our Mission.
Making all smiles healthy, one person at a time.

We want to make high-quality dental care accessible to everyone. Adent Health is about personal dental care. Your dental care. Your mouth should feel and look healthy all the time. Our job is to make that easy.


Get started with your first scan.

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