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How it works

Scan your teeth once a week and get a notification if there are signs of something wrong between your check-ups at the dentist.


Take 5 photos of your smile and tell us about yourself, your lifestyle and your needs.


The dental scan has a research-grade precision of 95% accuracy.


Healthy mouth. Healthy life.

Adent is here to guide you to a healthy, beautiful and happy smile by supporting you with information about your mouth and dental care adapted to you. You can read more about how the app works.

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Dental health scores

Your dental health scores are calculated based on the image analysis, your answers of your dental status and your daily dental care activity. The more scans you do, the more the app learns about you - and the more accurate the assessment of your health scores becomes.

We have combined this knowledge with data from over 100,000 users and over 40,000 dentist hours to train our scan.


Earn points when doing your daily dental care

One of the most important means to having beautiful and healthy teeth that last a lifetime is your dental care routine. We are here to give you a helping hand.


If you are a Premium member – including being a patient at one of our partner dental clinics, or if you have a subscription to a dental care kit – you can use your points for shopping or donate to a good cause, while at the same time building a good routine for yourself.

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Tailored recommendations and satisfaction guarantee

Our dental care recommendations are based on your personal scan and match you with products and ingredients that are essential for you and your mouth. Our team of Danish dentists has screened thousands of dental care products, studied their ingredients and selected the best to tailor a dental care kit for you.​


We guarantee that you will experience an effect - and if you don't, you get your money back with our satisfaction guarantee.

Our personalised kits only consist of scientifically supported products with pure ingredients free of Triclosan and parabens.​


You are always in control
when it comes to your data.

Our security experts are extremely attentive to health data and its storage. This means that you always have full control the information that we store about you. You can rest assured that we store them in a secure and protected manner so that third parties cannot access them. You can delete all your data at any time.

Adent complies with the applicable requirements of the GDPR legislation as well as the Danish authorities' requirements for the storage of health data.

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