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And we've gathered the top tips from our community. See below.


You're not alone!

We all have different mouths, and some of us have a more difficult time capturing the images of our teeth and mouth. You're not alone! About 25% of our community say it was difficult to take the first images. Only 10% say it was difficult the second time though!

You're probably doing well

Chances are that you are doing better than you think. If the image light seems OK and your mouth is approximately within the frame of the image then the AI will auto-identify what it needs, and try to process what it can.

Adent Health.png

Try again, or skip it

It's normal to try again, if the first and second try weren't a success. That goes for even for the most experienced of our users, and it's actually a big part of what makes those users take high quality images: They are not afraid to give it another shot until they are satisfied!

That said: If you're struggling with a particular image, skip it. Take a selfie or snap the sky 😎


We are here for you

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