Pacific Smiles Group Limited (“PSG”) and Adent ApS (“Adent Health”) are proud to offer our dental care services and products, including the Pacific Smiles Dental app for Android and iOS (“the apps”).

PSG and Adent Health separately deliver parts of the services to you. PSG is the provider of the network of dental clinics accessed through the apps (“Your Dentist”). The apps are powered by technology developed and maintained by Adent Health.

Adent Health makes the apps available to you pursuant to the Adent Health Terms and Conditions. Personal information you provide through the app will be handled in accordance with the Adent Health Privacy Policy.

When communicating with specific clinics and/or dental professionals using the apps, you will be engaging directly and solely with Your Dentist as a professional supplier of medical services. Any communication with Your Dentist made using the app, and any follow up engagement separate from the apps, such as clinic appointments, are subject to any terms and conditions you agree with PSG.  Personal information you provide to Your Dentist will be handled in accordance with PSG’s Privacy Policy.

Informed Consent



I give my informed consent for Adent Health:


  • To provide me with the services related to dental assessments and dental care plans, this including storing and processing the dental health related images and questions answered via the platform

  • To improve the services and products to benefit me and other users of Adent Health

I have been given adequate time to read and have read the preceding information describing dental assessment using the Adent Health system. I understand the benefits, risks, alternatives and inconveniences associated with the assessment as well as the option of not taking the assessment. I have been sufficiently informed and have had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns about dental assessment using Adent Health support with my dentist.

I acknowledge that my dentist and Adent Health have not and cannot make any guarantees or assurances concerning the outcome of my assessment and treatment recommendations. 

I understand that Adent Health is not a provider of medical, dental or health care services and does not and cannot practice medicine, dentistry or give medical advice.

Personal Data Processing​

Adent Health takes the protection of the Patient’s personal information very seriously. Adent Health processes the following Patient’s personal data:


  • First Name, Last Name, Age

  • Email address, Phone number

  • Type of device used by the Patient

  • Device Id

  • Device statistics such as crashes

  • Pictures of the Patient’s mouth 

  • Patient responses to anamnestic questions provided via the service