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Scan your teeth and get personalised dental care.

Get personalised, clinically effective dental care based on your scan. 84% of Adent users experience an effect after 30 days.


30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee.

We analyse your mouth to create personalised dental care that works for you. We keep track of your progress to make sure we deliver on our promise. We guarantee that you will see an effect - and if you don’t, you’ll get your money back.

Simple process.
Convenient dental care.


1. Scan and get customised dental care.

Take 5 images of your teeth, tell us about yourself and the treatment you’re looking for. The scan will find the dental care kit that matches your profile.


2. Healthy, happy teeth delivered.

Dental care should feel like self-care, so we pack your customised kit with love and care and send it straight to you.


3. Follow your progress and let the kit improve with you.

We're dedicated to get it just right for you. Keep track of your progress and see the effect of your dental essentials. 

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Made by Dentists.
Backed by Science.


Built by Danish dentists. The scan has been created based on more than 40.000 dental expert hours.

The scan is 95% accurate when compared to the evaluation by a dentist and it's a certified CE marked medical device.

We’re on an ethical and sustainable journey when it comes to providing you with vegan and cruelty-free dental care. Our products are all free from Triclosan and Parabens because we just don't compromise on ethics.

You are always in control of your data. ​We keep your data safe and secure. You can save or delete your data at any time.

Join our community
of more than 70.000 users.


"When I used Adent the first time it totally made sense for me to get a dental care kit that fits me and my mouth. Just like my face cream and shampoo. But honestly, I hadn’t thought about it before."


"I love the recommendations! I like the fact that the products are handpicked for me personally and checked by dentists."


"The app has really helped me level up my routines, and the results are visible. After I started using the app I even got compliments on my teeth, people asking if I was using whitening – which I am not, so I tell them about the Adent app instead."

Get started with your first scan.

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